08 June 2014

Summerhouse madness

Spent the weekend at our island and cabin. 
Birds & critters were spotted and shot, here are some.

05 May 2014

The Book Scorpion

Found this little bugger running around the floor and it was a natural model. After some Googling, I found out it's a book scorpion (Chelifer cancroides), not the prettiest thing but useful around the house.

Here it had enough and left, it was set free close to the bookshelf. We named him Anton.

03 May 2014

Väriestejuoksu ~ Color obstacle run

The 1st color run in Finland, 5K with obstacles, was today in my hometown of Vaasa.

I was lucky enough to be there and photograph the event. 
Over 1500 people having fun in full colors.

Click picture for Bigger view.

12 April 2014

Say it with flowers...

...spring is here.

Anemone hepatica

Galanthus nivalis

Anemone hepatica


Galanthus nivalis